September 21, 2017

About Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco

Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco is one of the most renowned mariachi ensembles in California and is widely recognized for its role in popularizing mariachi in Los Angles.  Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco way of artful interpretation of classic tunes, inventive arrangements, and tight vocal harmonies have dazzled there audiences.  Since its founding in 1998, the group has performed internationally, bringing the sounds of Mexico’s national music to new audiences across the United States and Mexico.

Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco have also been at the forefront of mariachi music education in the United States. Through their work as music professors, instructors and clinicians all over the United States and Mexico, Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco advocacy for traditional Mexican arts instruction within academic institutions have made positive impacts among young, aspiring musicians.

Mariachi Reyes de Jalisco has been a dream come true for its members and do there best to represent there beautiful heritage of Mexico in the United States.